About Laptek Systems

Laptek Systems contribute to the smooth operation and productivity of Australian mining operations.

About Us

Established in 2005, Laptek Systems emerged in response to a distinctive market need for specialised design, installation, and after-market maintenance of Central Auto Lubrication Systems. Over the years, we have grown into a leading provider of cutting-edge lubrication solutions, catering to specific markets and industries across Australia.

We feel a deep sense of satisfaction in the crucial role we play in keeping Australian mining operations running at their best. By ensuring that our clients’ machinery and equipment are well-lubricated and functioning optimally, we contribute to the seamless movement and productivity of the mining industry.

Our team at Laptek Systems is comprised of passionate experts, dedicated to finding innovative solutions for each client’s unique needs. We prioritise quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction above all else, making us a preferred partner in the lubrication systems domain.

At Laptek Systems, we focus on delivering unparalleled services to three key sectors

Iron Ore Mining & Shipping Material Handling Machines

We specialise in providing tailored solutions for Iron Ore Mining & Shipping Material Handling Machines, optimising their lubrication systems for peak performance and reliability.

Chemical Processing Plants

Laptek Systems has a profound understanding of the complexities of chemical processing plants. By offering top-notch lubrication systems, we contribute to the reliability and efficiency of the critical equipment used in this sector, fostering safe and seamless production processes.

Mobile Earthmoving Equipment (OEM level)

With a focus on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) level solutions, we specialise in delivering exceptional lubrication systems for mobile earthmoving equipment. Our expertise aids in enhancing equipment performance, reducing downtime, and extending the lifespan of valuable assets.

Our Commitment

We take immense pride in providing quality scoping, installing, and maintaining of lubrication systems. Having successfully installed over 300 quality systems across Australia, we have gained the trust of numerous clients who rely on us to keep their operations running efficiently.

Driven By Innovation

Driven by innovation, Laptek Systems raised the bar in Auto Lube System Installations by upgrading to 10mm Hydraulic steel tubing and ¼ hydraulic hosing, providing unique benefits such as enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime risks.

Laptek Systems is a subsidiary of TASMEA LIMITED.

About Tasmea

Based in South Australia, Tasmea is an investment company with 17 wholly owned subsidiaries that provide bespoke electrical, mechanical, civil, water and fluid services to the Mining, Defence, Water, Energy and Financial sectors.

To learn more about Tasmea and its subsidiaries, visit the Tasmea website.